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Welcome to ComputerHoy.com’s current news summary. The most important news from the last 24 hours, organized by headlines, by categories.

Lightelligence optical processor fr an optical processor a hundred times faster than a GPU.

A new step for the automobile: Woman gives birth in Tesla as car drives to hospital on her own.

New delivery of our ComputerHoy 2.0 podcast, where we talked about our testing with the first realme Book laptop, and said goodbye to the year with the highlights. Press play below to listen to it.

Technology news

This is how Pegasus hacked iPhones, they didn’t even need us to touch the screen. Read the news

The US government has a secret reserve for Bitcoin but has never invested a dollar in the cryptocurrency. Read the news

In Sweden, they want to implant a microchip under the skin with the COVID passport. Read the news

The Central Bank of Russia is wary of cryptocurrencies and is studying their ban. Read the news

Woman gives birth in Tesla on her way to hospital on her own. Read the news

Vote at the 2021 ComputerHoy Awards: the finalists for the best high-end smartphones. Read the news

Mobile phones

Vivo seeks to improve selfies with a dual front flash on its Vivo S12 Pro.

The best tools to remove people and objects from your mobile photos. Read the report

INCIBE warns of the dangers of having this version of WhatsApp installed. Read the news

Computers and tablets

Processors that run at the speed of light: The Lightelligence optical processor is 100 times faster than a GPU. Read the news

This is the Russian 48-core processor that is resistant to Intel Xeon and AMD Epyc. Read the news

LG UltraGear 17G90Q, LG’s first gaming laptop in its history, comes with the most powerful from Intel and NVIDIA. Read the news

The perfect SSD for music lovers that makes it easy to clean the audio system on the PC. Read the news

How many ways are there to shut down Windows 11? Read the tutorial

Way of life

TikTok doesn’t just want to be your short video app – now it will be your restaurant too. Read the news

How is the “10,000 hour theory” that Bill Gates or Steve Jobs followed. Read the news

The Ministry of Consumption teaches in the networks how to distinguish a good roscón de reyes. Read the news

5 anti-inflammatory teas you should start drinking Read the news

Opening hours of Mercadona, Carrefour, Lidl and other supermarkets for the Christmas holidays 2021 and New Year’s Eve 2022.

Leisure and games

Spider-Man: No Way Home shows that we’re back in theaters, and it’s the third highest-grossing premiere in history. Read the news

All the week’s premieres on Netflix with a big headline for this Christmas: Don’t Look Up. Read the news

The highest grossing film of 2021 hasn’t been released in Spain, and you surely haven’t heard of it either. Read the news

The 8 best romantic Christmas movies. Consult the list

What is Roblox, the dangers, parental controls and what you need to know if your kids want to start playing. Read the report


Autonomous trucks? Iveco has succeeded and will bring them to Europe. Read the news

RC Cars vs Autonomous: Vay will launch a fleet of cars in 2022 which they will drive remotely. Read the news

Changing the way you pass cyclists on the road: 6 points and 200 euros fine if you get it wrong. Read the news

The top 15 countries with the most car thefts in Europe, i.e. Spain. Read the news


If you’ve ever wondered what it should be like to cut your hair in space, these astronauts have left you in awe. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

From computer engineer to successful shrimp farmer using Biofloc technology. Read the news

The future of medical testing and parcel delivery. Read the news

This was the summary of today’s technological news. Have a good day!


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