33 technological news to start the morning informed of the latest


Before you leave everything to cook Christmas Eve dinner, it never hurts to catch up on everything that has happened most important in the tech world. So you will have topics of conversation between the plates!

Presentation day yesterday Thursday, with Huawei’s new foldable glasses for mobile, watch and augmented reality, as well as the new Ryzer Threadripper Pro 5000 processors from AMD.

They also fled the first news of Android 13, which affect the lock screen, battery and audio, among others.

LG will present its first 6G devices, capable of accessing the Internet at 1TB / sec.

Technology news

LG continues to advance towards 6G and begins to show off its equipment with speeds of 1TB per second. Read the news

Amazon is banned from Twitch, Prime Video Spain account, by comedian Henar Álvarez. Read the news

First Android 13 news filtered, affecting lock screen, audio and battery. Read the news

Mobile phones

The reactions to the messages arrive on Telegram and will give a lively touch to the conversations. Read the news

The Huawei P50 Pocket is official: Snapdragon 888, 6.9 “OLED display and 40 W fast charge. Read the news

Now the heart emoji you send on WhatsApp will be more alive than ever. Read the news

The Xiaomi 12 can be seen complete and in detail in real pictures. Read the news

The problems of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro never end: the screens of some devices spontaneously broke. Read the news

Computers and tablets

This is the new AMD Threadripper Pro 5000 line to stand up to Intel professionals in Alder Lake. Read the news

This Samsung SSD is breaking all speed records, but you can’t buy it. Read the news

Way of life

This is the software that a 12-year-old girl used to convert her drawings to NFT and earn 1.4 million euros. Read the news

Huawei Eyewear and Huawei Watch D, this is how smart glasses and the watch full of Huawei sensors are. Read the news

This is how almost all the problems of Apple AirPods Max are solved. Read the news

McDonald’s wants you to feel less guilty about their new exercise bike. Read the news

Original phrases and messages to congratulate Christmas Eve and Christmas on WhatsApp. Read the news

Funny memes and images to congratulate Christmas on WhatsApp. Read the news

Leisure and games

The 11 Best Movies to Watch with Your Family on Christmas. Consult the list

A cinema just for you, LG presents its throne with a curved OLED panel that turns. Read the news

Atresplayer: prices, where to watch it and what are the best series, shows and movies. Read the report

HBO Max gives sneak peek at new Westworld and Game of Thrones spinoff in trailer that pushes 2022 premieres forward. Read the news

Wordle: the new word game going viral on Twitter. Read the news

Linux can already run 80% of Steam games. Read the news


Be careful with the V16 emergency lights you buy, they may not be valid soon, warns the DGT. Read the news

The charging trick that can revive a lithium battery. Read the news

7 strengths of the Tesla Model 3 2022. Read the news

Arc Vector the 100,000 euro electric motorcycle equipped with the latest technologies and over 400 km of range. Read the news


They detect COVID in seconds using diamond-based quantum sensors. Read the news

Oldest family in history found thanks to DNA tests and Basque researcher. Read the news

This is the single dose vaccine that the US military created for COVID. Read the news

This is what happens to your body when you eat canned tuna. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

This screen will allow you to enjoy haute cuisine dishes as long as you want to lick it. Read the news

La Casa Bitcoins, a special tribute to the most famous of crypto-currencies. Read the news

They create a Christmas tree that is an atom thick. Read the news

This was the summary of today’s technological news. Have a happy Christmas Eve!


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