All Nvidia and AMD graphics cards finally fall below the MSRP!


After an incredibly long wait, it was confirmed last June that many AMD and Nvidia graphics cards had fallen below their official MSRP from retailers. Yes, it only took 18 months, but the higher-tier GPUs were finally available for purchase at prices below their originally listed figure. – And while that was certainly good news, it was not everything fantastic.

Specifically, while some graphics cards were available for below MSRP, this was almost exclusively focused on high-end models with more entries in mid-level designs generally remaining at or above their originally listed price. – Following the latest market research from 3DCenter, however, Each Current-gen AMD and Nvidia graphics card finally dropped below MSRP with retailers!

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Nvidia and AMD – All graphics cards are now below MSRP

Now, of course, the reality of consumers seeing this will depend on which retailer you choose. Alas, some of them still seem to be trying to dig as much as they can. Overall, however, this new market information has confirmed that any remaining AMD or Nvidia graphics cards that did not have though fallen below the MSRP (like the Nvidia 3070 or the AMD 6700) should now (in theory) be available for purchase for less than its originally listed price!

With Nvidia 4000 and AMD Radeon 7000 only 2-3 months away, however, while this is certainly great news, you have to wonder if, in the end, it’s all a bit too late for a lot of people. between us don’t care anymore!

What do you think? Can pricing still impact whether you buy a graphics card now or wait for the next-gen models? – Let us know in the comments!


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