AMD graphics cards can now also filter out background noise from the mic

Alex du Rock/

NVIDIA offers a PC broadcast app with GeForce graphics that, among other features, uses machine learning to suppress background noise on your microphone. Finally, people with AMD graphics can join in the fun.

The latest version of AMD‘s Adrenalin software includes a new feature called “AMD Noise Suppression”, which uses machine learning running on your graphics hardware to filter out background noise from an audio input. AMD said, “Using a real-time deep learning algorithm to reduce background audio noise, this new feature works for both your input and output devices on any AMD-powered system. , removing unwanted background noise picked up on your microphone or from someone else. device.”

Some chat services have a built-in background noise filter, like Microsoft Teams and Discord, but AMD’s solution (just like NVIDIA Broadcast) is compatible with anything that uses your microphone. The results should also be better and use less system resources than other noise canceling features because it uses hardware accelerated algorithm on system graphics.

The above demo from Kephren on YouTube shows that the filter works as advertised, removing sounds like fans, keystrokes and mouse clicks. However, this noticeably degrades the quality of your voice. This also happens with Nvidia Broadcast, although Nvidia’s solution seems to be a bit better in terms of voice quality.

AMD Noise Suppression requires a Ryzen 6000 series processor with integrated graphics or an RX 6000 series desktop graphics card. of the last two years.

Source: AMD


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