AMD Link software allows PC gamers to use local online multiplayer


PC gamers with AMD systems will be able to connect with up to four other friends in local multiplayer via AMD Link. The latest AMD software update has brought several new features for gamers to try out. This includes Radeon Super Resolution and an updated AMD Link app.

With the new version of AMD Link, a gamer will be able to send invite codes to join a game’s local multiplayer mode. The software turns the host PC into a “gaming cloud” that up to four other people can join to play , watch or chat from various devices.

These devices include other AMD PCs, mobile phones, TVs, tablets, and non-AMD PCs. Mobile phones and tablets can control the game using on-screen controls, while TVs require a controller.

The inclusion of non-AMD PCs means that both Intel and Linux systems will be able to use the app without issue. This also means that Steam Decks with Windows installed can use AMD Link to host and join local games through it.

AMD also released a standalone Link app for the Microsoft Store. The app can open local games directly from the system and can be controlled with a gamepad. Both features act similarly to the Steam Big Picture mode, allowing browsing of a TV without the need for a mouse and keyboard.


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