AMD prepares AI-based noise cancellation technology, an alternative to NVIDIA RTX Voice


AMD finally has an answer to NVIDIA RTX Voice

AMD accidentally releases a video teaser for the upcoming audio quality enhancement technology.

AMD Noise Suppression Trailer, Source: AMD

NVIDIA RTX Voice made headlines 2 years ago, just as the pandemic forced millions of people to work from home and attend meetings they were (technically) unprepared for. With the prices of video and audio recording PC hardware skyrocketing at the time, people were forced to rely on low-quality devices, such as built-in microphones for laptop computers. It turned out that NVIDIA was already working on a technology that could solve this problem by improving the audio quality with software. Under such circumstances, NVIDIA has released a beta version of a technology called RTX Voice.

The RTX Voice works for both input and output devices, with the main feature being noise cancellation. This technology is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm so advanced that it could literally cancel out the sound of the hair dryer.

AMD Noise Suppression Trailer, Source: AMD

It looks like AMD will finally have something similar. The noise canceling tech just appeared in a leaked teaser video that was accidentally uploaded by AMD themselves to YouTube. Although the video has already been taken down, Redditors were quick to make a copy.

From the video, we learn that noise cancellation will work similarly to NVIDIA, which cancels noise for input and output devices by injecting AI magic into the audio pipeline. AMD will add this technology to its Audio and Video tab in the AMD Software Adrenalin driver. It will therefore be part of the AMD software stack, combining even more features in a single application.

It’s not entirely clear when the technology will be available, but the leaked tear clearly stated “available now”, indicating that it should have been released when the new driver was released.

Source: Reddit, ayxerieux via Tom’s Hardware


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