AMD prepares noise reduction software to compete with RTX Voice


AMD is preparing to introduce noise cancellation functionality in future Adrenalin software upgrades. The software would compete with NVIDIA RTX Audio, eliminating background noise during voice conversations from both your microphone and the person on the other end of the connection.

AMD briefly announced new audio capability for the Adrenalin Edition graphics driver on its official YouTube channel. The noise suppression feature – i.e. the noise suppression technique – is intended to be a later counter to Nvidia RTX Voice.

To do this, it isolates voices from other noises that it identifies as background noise or non-voice. AMD, like NVIDIA, uses a “real-time deep learning system” to identify and distinguish human voices from an audio stream. However, the company declined to disclose how the AI ​​is accelerated on hardware. Since AMD noise cancellation is included in the Adrenalin package, you’ll likely need an AMD Radeon GPU, either separate or built into your computer, to use it.

AMD has now changed the status of the official product video to “Private”, but the film is still accessible to the author, as seen in the screenshots below. It is not known when the technology will be made available. Yet the leaked slide explicitly stated “available now”, suggesting that it should have been shared when the updated driver was available.

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