AMD Professional Software Suite Gets Rebranded and Performance Enhanced to Boost Your Business


AMD is making new overtures to the business community with a rebranding of its popular Radeon PRO Software for Enterprise offering.

In a blog post ironically titled ‘What’s New for AMD Software: PRO Edition – Wait! What is that ? the tech firm revealed that the new PRO Edition is designed “to better integrate graphics with processors and platform-level features and accelerate performance across the machine.”

But the redesign is more than just a 27% reduction in letters. AMD also released a new software driver for Radeon PRO professional graphics cards and announced Maxon Redshift support for the AMD Radeon PRO W6800. Graphic card.

GPU Performance Boost

Performance is always paramount, especially for pro-level productions where the daily drive for creativity, quality and efficiency comes up against the reality of underpowered hardware and seemingly endless render times.

The latest PRO Edition driver has been optimized to improve the performance of Radeon PRO GPUs and graphics-intensive applications, such as VFX software.

This means that “Professional users should see faster times for renders and video encoding, smoother performance for 3d model interactions, streamlined ray tracing, and graphics-based calculations,” says AMD.

The Santa Clara-based company is also expanding its collaboration with Maxon, first announced at NAB 2022. Maxon has long been a popular software house for post-production artists — and for too long its tools have notably been lacking. AMD support. Since the start of the partnership, AMD said it has been working closely with Maxon to optimize the software performance of its GPUs.

At the time, AMD representative Gary Davis explained that the partnership was fueled by Maxon’s traditional association with Nvidia. “We worked closely with them, as well as our alliance team, to enable the Redshift renderer to be enabled on AMD GPUs,” Davis said.

Screenshot of the AMD Software PRO Edition home screen.

(Image credit: AMD)

To coincide with the rebranding of the PRO edition, AMD has announced Maxon Redshift, the world’s first fully GPU-accelerated rendering engine, now supports the high-end Radeon PRO W6800 graphics card – with progressive rendering of the software capable of saturating the 32 GB of the GPU to improve frame buffering. and let users manipulate models in real time. This now means that creators using Redshift have even more GPU options to use when creating pro-level renders.

Elsewhere, the PRO edition has had a facelift, with a clean and modern home screen, making it more in line with AMD’s consumer software.

AMD Software: PRO Edition is available for download now.


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