AMD will showcase “next-gen image upscaling” technology


AMD will share details about its “Next Generation Image Upscaling Technology” at GDC 2022. Details will be given during one of AMD’s sponsored sessions titled “New Generation Image Upscaling.” generation for games”.

During the sponsored session, AMD will provide details on the results of its research into next-generation image scaling technology and how it applies to gaming, according to AMD GPU Open via VideoCardz . Details are slim and there is no evidence to support this being a full reveal for FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) 2.0.

Looking at FSR’s performance, there is still a bit to be desired. Although FSR strives for better performance, being algorithm-based and competing with AI-based DLSS is a tall order. Obviously DLSS produces better image quality and performance in many cases, but the potential for FSR is there, especially since it’s a GPU-agnostic technology, which largely informs part on its attractiveness. Still, performance and image quality if the difference is quite apparent in God of the war.

As VideoCardz pointed out, AMD might also share details regarding Radeon Super Resolution technology, which is an integrated version of FSR that provides gamers with FSR even if a game doesn’t natively support it. Radeon Super Resolution was unveiled in January but no launch date has been set.

Rather, AMD will likely share a preview of new techniques and methodologies it will implement in its next-generation image scaling technology.

“Later in the morning, Colin Riley and Thomas Arcila will give us their presentation on Next-gen image scaling for gaming“, we read in the press release. “This session will cover some of AMD’s latest research into image upscaling technology, as well as how this technology could help improve the gaming experience.”

GDC 2022 starts on March 21 and ends on March 25. AMD’s sponsored sessions are scheduled for March 23 at 11 a.m. CT.


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