AMD’s Radeon Technology Group is hiring RISC-V engineers for future projects


AMD’s Radeon Technology Group (RTG) is looking to expand its team of architects working on embedded RISC-V processors by hiring a RISC-V processor/GPU designer. Development of RISC-V-based solutions is well advanced at AMD, according to a new job posting, and the fact that Radeon Technologies Group is hiring specialists could hint at the applications RTG is working on.

The job description outlines AMD’s requirements for its RISC-V micro-architect/RTL designer in general. The company needs a professional with experience with high-performance GPUs, RISC-V RV64 processors, and processors with out-of-order execution, speculative execution, and branch predictors.

AMD‘s Radeon Technologies Group in Orlando, Fla., has a team working on embedded RISC-V processors, according to the job posting. “Existing and developing graphics/computing paradigms, as well as new APIs leveraging RISC-V processors,” the new candidate should know and improve upon. They will also need to monitor processor workloads and come up with ideas for improvement, as well as identify bottlenecks and other issues where an integrated processor can help.

AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group does not appear to produce its processors, so AMD-branded RISC-V processors (or licensed RISC-V integrated processor cores/designs) are unlikely to appear. Modern GPUs can use onboard processors for a range of tasks, such as handling specific functions onboard the GPU, or even more exotic functions, such as running an operating system or running general tasks such as recovering data from storage media. RISC-V architectures could also be used for other purposes, such as providing hardware-based root of trust for security.

It’s unclear what type of RISC-V processor cores AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group is currently working on, but we do know that Nvidia’s GPUs use RISC-V microcontrollers to handle some on-board operations.

Because the open source RISC-V architecture is so well suited for future applications, AMD might be working on something new. In the meantime, since we are working with a 64-bit RISC-V architecture, we can assume that this is not a simple microcontroller.

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