ASRock will stop producing AMD graphics cards only. The company is preparing its own version of Intel Arc A380


Only one manufacturer released the same version of a desktop graphics card, the Gunnir, as the Chinese company, a non-reference version of the Intel Arc A380. Soon, another already much more reputable video card manufacturer, the Taiwanese company ASRock, will join it. It should be noted that ASRock had only produced AMD Radeon graphics cards in the past.

Liaqi, Hermitage

One of the participants of the Chinese social platform, Bilibili posted a video, which shows the appearance of the Intel Arc A380 graphics card from ASRock. The novelty is going to be part of the Challenger series, from which the developer ASRock is releasing a much cheaper version of its graphics cards.

The ASRock Arc A380 will get a cooling fan, a relatively compact aluminum heatsink, and two expansion slots in the unit. The Intel Arc A380 is an entry-level accelerator, so this approach should be sufficient. However, the presence of two cooling fans in the same Gunnir Intel Arc A380 Photon seems somewhat exaggerated. This model does not even reach the Radeon RX 6400, despite the performance.

In order to be powered, the ASRock-derived Arc A380 board will receive an 8-pin connector. This means that the new product consumes more than the reference 75 watts.

Unfortunately, the video from a Chinese Bilibili user does not contain any details about the upcoming ASRock Arc A380 accelerator. The exact features of the card and when it will be released are not yet known.

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