Cyberpunk 2077 for PC supports AMD FSR technology and no longer supports Win7 and Nvidia 700 series graphics cards


Cyberpunk 2077 announces its 1.5 patch with some very important new features. The game developers have confirmed that the game will have AMD FSR support, which will also be natively compatible with Steam Deck.

Cyberpunk 2077 supports AMD FSR technology

CDProjekt’s game announced the new console releases to much fanfare, but there was also news for the PC platform, with the arrival of FSR, AMD’s Nvidia-like resizing technology.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution would “replace” the current Contrast Adaptive Sharpening that was included in the game. It’s strange, but this technology will not be available on consoles, even if they use the RDNA2 graphics architecture.

The game will improve performance benchmarks as they have now added an inbuilt benchmark.

With the latest Steam Deck update, AMD has added FSR support to the SteamOS operating system. This means that the technology is built into the system itself, so we can enable FSR in games that don’t support it at all. However, for games that support it, the option must be enabled in the game itself, otherwise the user interface of these games will also be scaled.

The technology will help the Steam Deck perform better, but at the cost of lower image quality.

Valve’s portable console is intended to play games at 720p (800p), a low resolution for FidelityFX Super Resolution to be effective, but we’ll get to that later when the Steam Deck releases.

Finally, CDProjeckt also confirmed that in June the game will no longer be compatible with the Windows 7 operating system since DirectX 12 has technical limitations on this system.

Officially, the game is discontinuing support for Nvidia 700 series graphics cards. Since the graphics drivers no longer support the series, it was decided to change the minimum system requirements for Nvidia graphics cards to GTX 970.

Additionally, due to technical limitations of non-native Direct X 12 on Windows 7 and the limitation or end of graphics driver support, the game will no longer support Windows 7 after June 15, 2022. If you continue to update after If you continue to update the game after this date, the game may stop working on this operating system.


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