EVGA breaks with Nvidia, will no longer make graphics cards


Renowned graphics card maker EVGA has revealed that it will no longer work with Nvidia to produce new graphics cards. One of Nvidia’s biggest partners that gamers and PC builders will ever know, EVGA has now cited “disrespectful treatment” from Nvidia and announced that the company will exit the GPU business altogether.

The story came out when Steve Burke, editor of Player Nexus posted a new video, where Burke reports on discussions held with EVGA CEO Andrew Han. The video suggests that EVGA also won’t partner with competitors from Nvidia, AMD, or Intel, and simply won’t manufacture GPUs after stock of the existing RTX 30-series runs out.

EVGA has always confirmed that it will continue to support existing graphics cards on the market and that users will still be able to claim warranties for affected products. However, as it stands, the current batch of EVGA GPUs should be the brand’s last.

It also means we won’t see EVGA produce Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 40-series GPUs. Any EVGA graphics card leaks you may have seen online over the past few weeks will therefore remain engineering samples and will not be mass-produced.

According to the video, EVGA also won’t consider working with Nvidia again for future products like the expected RTX 50 series. The company also said its workforce “will be taken care of,” but it’s unclear how after the split. According to Burke’s video, Nvidia’s GPUs contributed about 80% of EVGA’s business.


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