Former Apple and AMD Graphics Guru Joins Intel to Design High-End Discrete Graphics Solutions to Take on Nvidia


What a strange week it has been for Intel and AMD. On Monday, Apple released a report titled “Intel Surprises Market with Combined Intel-AMD Processor GPU Package for Smaller 2018 Devices.” While the new architecture could eventually appear in a future MacBook or Mac Mini, its core market will offer lighter, thinner 2-in-1 hybrid devices the graphics power of a high-end laptop for gaming and reality experiences. virtual during the first quarter of 2018.

A prototype shown by Intel using the new architecture showed a new area above the device’s keyboard that would allow a user to use a stylus for illustrations or jot down notes on a document. See Intel’s prototype below as well as a patent pending invention filed by Apple in 2012.

So, on the one hand, we’ve seen Intel and AMD sing Kumbaya and collaborate on a solid graphics solution that will only serve the hybrid mobile device market to take on Nvidia.

On the flip side, we’ve learned that Intel just saw off AMD’s right hand by praising its main graphics guru. Intel dropped the bomb on Thursday in a press release stating:

“Intel today announced the appointment of Raja Koduri as Chief Architect of Intel, Senior Vice President of Newly formed Core and Visual Computing Group, and Managing Director of a new initiative to drive cutting-edge IT solutions. In this position, Koduri will expand Intel’s leadership position in integrated graphics for the PC market with high-end discrete graphics solutions for a wide range of IT segments.

Billions of users today enjoy computing experiences powered by leading Intel cores and visual compute IP. Going forward, under Koduri’s leadership, the company will unify and expand differentiated intellectual property across computing, graphics, multimedia, imaging and artificial intelligence capabilities for customer and data center segments, l artificial intelligence and emerging opportunities such as advanced computing.

“Raja is one of the most experienced, innovative and respected graphics and system architecture visionaries in the industry and the latest example of leading technical talent to join Intel,” said Dr. Murthy Renduchintala, Director of Engineering at Intel and President of the Internet of Things and System Architecture Customer and Enterprise group. “We have exciting plans to aggressively expand our computing and graphics capabilities and build on our very strong and broad differentiated IP base. With Raja leading our Core and Visual Computing group, we will add unparalleled capabilities to our portfolio, advance our strategy to lead in computing and graphics, and ultimately be the driving force behind the data revolution. ”

Koduri brings to Intel more than 25 years of experience in advancing visual and accelerated computing across a wide range of platforms, including PCs, game consoles, professional workstations, and consumer devices. His in-depth technical expertise covers graphics hardware, software and system architecture.

Before AMD, Koduri was director of graphic architecture at Apple Inc., where he helped establish a leading graphics subsystem for the Mac family of products and led the transition to Retina computer displays (April 2009-March 2013). “

With Nvidia hitting an all-time high yesterday after the chipmaker released third-quarter financial results that crushed Wall Street expectations in a bullish surprise that Jefferies’ Mark Lippacis called “tectonic.” Nvidia’s value has more than tripled in the past 12 months and Intel wants to join the action to serve the AI ​​and automotive market as well as for PCs that will support the next wave of experiences VR and AR on PC and Mac and in particular future models of the new iMac Pro.

Intel’s move shows that they want to get up and running as quickly as possible in high-end discrete graphics solutions to take Nvidia’s lead in various markets where Nvidia is fleeing. This could be another area that would allow them to gain more Mac business from Apple as well.

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