Gears 5 is locked and loaded with the features of AMD technology


With the launch of Gears 5 on September 10, we wanted to share the latest update to highlight the incredible visual fidelity and performance, and AMD is sponsoring the title as it seems.

The Coalition has worked closely with AMD throughout the development of Gears 5 to give players the best possible experience. Gears 5 is optimized for DX 12 and Radeon graphics cards, including those based on the new AMD RDNA gaming architecture, to deliver stunning visuals, stunning performance and exciting Radeon features, including:

  • Asynchronous calculation – Allows Radeon GPUs to perform multiple tasks at the same time. This multi-threading capability of the GPU enables efficient distribution of graphics and visual effects workload, resulting in higher frame rates.
  • Multithreaded Command Buffer – Assures instructions from an AMD Ryzen processor reach the Radeon graphics card faster for higher performance, better graphics, and lower latency.
  • AMD FidelityFX (coming soon) – In a post-launch update, Gears 5 will add support for AMD FidelityFX, which offers a dynamic sharpness filter that brings out details in low contrast areas for a sharper gaming experience. It improves image clarity and counteracts softening caused by other post-processing effects.

With Radeon graphics cards, Gears 5 Gamers can also take advantage of Radeon FreeSync, the most popular adaptive sync display technology with over 750 monitors supported, tested and certified to deliver smooth, tear-free, and artifact-free gaming.

Additionally, for a limited time, players who purchase qualifying AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics cards will receive 3 months free access to Xbox Game Pass for PC, allowing them to play Gears 5 at launch with over 100 other high-quality PC games. Find out more here.

According to Mike Rayner, CTO of The Coalition, “AMD and The Coalition have a strong relationship dating back to Gears of War 4 and we continue to incorporate new technology to help us improve the performance of the game. Post-processing shaders to Async Compute in Gears 5, which means improved frame rates over our previous titles, as well as more space to pack even more graphics quality. AMD engineers have worked with us to optimize everything from CPU to GPU and we really can’t wait to put all of that awesome performance and great visuals into the hands of the fans.

The PC hardware specifications are as follows:


Personalize and optimize your experience with over 35 graphics settings, including fine detail control of:

  • Textures
  • Shadows
  • Details
  • Environments
  • Post treatment

As well as the control you expect on PC with:

  • VSync
  • Resolution
  • Frame rate management (including unlimited FPS)
  • Field of view

Our PC benchmarking tool will help you test your rig to recommend settings, provide in-depth diagnostics to guide your fine-tuning, and get things right before you jump into the game.


For PC gamers who meet or exceed our ideal specs, you can download an additional texture pack that pushes texture detail to its absolute maximum.

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