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Sponsored article As enterprise applications become increasingly sophisticated and data-intensive, scaling storage infrastructure accordingly is an ongoing challenge.

That’s why users are turning to software-defined storage approaches to get the most out of their all-flash arrays, sophisticated data management tools, multi-threaded processors, and vast memory complements.

But where to start in building and scaling such systems? And what should storage architects know when selecting the hardware and software to underpin their strategy?

You can master all of these issues by attending this session of the Open Storage Summit, Storage Intelligence for Data Growth.

You’ll hear The Register’s Timothy Prickett Morgan chat with a panel of industry experts, including Dilip Ramachandran, Chief Marketing Officer, AMD; Devon Helms, director of product marketing at Qumulo; and Matthew Thauberger, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Supermicro

They describe the scale of the challenge organizations face when it comes to keeping up with explosive data growth, as well as supporting the applications and workloads that cause it.

But they also address the fundamental issues that users need to consider when choosing underlying hardware and software for their SDS setups, and how these systems can be optimized for onsite and field requirements. cloud before explaining how they all work. together to solve these problems.

This session is just one of many sessions at the Open Storage Summit 2022, presented by Supermicro, and featuring data scientists and data center application professionals.

The entire event is now available for catch-up, so you can keep up to date with the latest storage techniques and advancements, and ensure your organization stays ahead of the curve. So to get the most out of high performance storage, head here to watch.

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