Innosilicon Technology Launches China’s First High-Performance Server GPU, Fenghua No.1, With Modern Specifications


Innosilicon technology has announcement The first high-performance Chinese GPU for servers specializing in VR, AI and cloud computing, the Fenghua No.1. The GPU aims to compete with NVIDIA and AMD solutions in the domestic market, offering competitive prices.

Innosilicon Technology Launches China’s First High-Performance Server GPU, Fenghua No.1, With Modern Specifications

Update: It seems that the GPU is based on PowerVR IP.

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Everything that we have seen produced in the Chinese domestic market so far is one or more generations ago compared to Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA products. InnoSilicon Technology’s Fenghua No.1 seems to be the first part to use the modern GPU features listed by them for the Chinese GPU market.

It is reported that “Fenghua No. 1” GPU is the industry’s first rendering GPU which adopts the best GDDR6X high bandwidth video memory technology and advanced technologies such as Innolink chip. China’s patented non-clonable physical encryption PUF technology, PCIe 4.0, HDMI2.1, DP / Self-developed advanced technologies such as eDP 1.4 have also come together in a single core.

“Fenghua No. 1” is the first country-compatible 4K high-definition desktop computer and server-grade high-performance graphics processor, supporting Linux, Android and Windows operating systems; support for consumer graphics frameworks such as OpenGL / OpenGLES / OpenCL / Vulkan / DX; support for VR / AR / AI; Smoothly support multi-user application scenarios at the data center level, such as multi-channel cloud games, cloud mobile phones, cloud desktops and cloud desktops. The successful registration of “Fenghua No. 1” demonstrates Inspur’s strength and understated style in the personalized development of cutting-edge IP and GPU technologies.

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To name a few, the card will support PCIe 4.0, which puts it on par with the current generation GPU lineup from AMD and NVIDIA. It also comes with support for GDDR6X memory which was only available on high-end NVIDIA Ampere graphics cards. The GDDR6X memory solution was designed by Micron and the company has noted up to 21 GB / s spindle speed, but there is no detail if the same speeds will actually be present in the Fenghua No.1 graphics card. Even NVIDIA’s current flagship, the RTX 3090 only goes up to 19.5Gb / s, so InnoSilicon’s card is unlikely to end up with 21Gb / s arrays.

Interestingly, the Fenghua No.1 GPU also comes with display outputs, there is HDMI 2.1 and an e-DisplayPort 1.4 as the main highlights. The company also featured a DVI-D port, but overall this card comes in a non-headless design, which makes it useful as a workstation solution as well. Design-wise, the card has a dual-fan, dual-slot form factor and looks like a standard gaming card rather than a server or workstation solution. Most data center solutions do not have active fan coolers, but this does vibrate the two-bladed fans.

InnoSilicon Technology Fenghua No.1 GPU is primarily intended for the Chinese data center market with compute capabilities for VR / AR / AI and other cloud computing ecosystems. It will support a range of APIs, including DirectX, but no version is mentioned. There are reports that this GPU has been “eclipsed” in China due to limited API support, but with DirectX mentioned now, this may again spark some interest in this specific product.

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