Intel Acquires Team Behind ArrayFire GPU Acceleration/Parallel Computing Software


In addition to Intel’s acquisition of Linutronix as a company known for its work on real-time (RT) kernel patches and other contributions, and then in June of the acquisition of Codeplay Software, Intel has made today another notable acquisition of software talent… Intel announced this afternoon that the team behind ArrayFire has joined the company to continue its ambitious software projects.

Intel acquired Codeplay this summer to bolster its oneAPI software effort given the company’s work on SYCL computing, oneAPI support for NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, and a variety of other interesting efforts over the years. Intel pulling on the entire ArrayFire software team goes in the same direction and aims to further strengthen its oneAPI ecosystem.

ArrayFire, for those unfamiliar, provides various parallel computing and GPU computing software. ArrayFire software provides a GPGPU extension for C/C++/Fortran that runs on various accelerators from multiple vendors as well as CPU-based runtime. ArrayFire was funded in part by DARPA and has reportedly been used by various defense industry customers. ArrayFire has been an open source library for over half a decade, while also providing OpenCL and NVIDIA CUDA consulting services.

Intel announced that the ArrayFire team has joined Intel to focus specifically on oneAPI:

At ArrayFire, this team pioneered productive approaches to accelerated computing. They created the ArrayFire library with fast and easy-to-use math routines based on an ingenious runtime environment that optimizes low-level performance details through intelligent JIT compilation of kernel code and intelligent memory management .

Because oneAPI is a foundational effort to ensure accelerated computing is open, multi-vendor, and multi-architectural; the teams immediately knew that we were kindred spirits.

With their track record as pioneers and proven skills in bringing open solutions to Accelerated Computing, we are all excited to have the opportunity to join forces to help make Open Accelerated Computing a reality for all.

This Intel team is currently building a oneAPI backend allowing library users to migrate to oneAPI. This exciting work will further promote our vision of open accelerated technical computing.

ArrayFire also announced it today and summed it up like this “our open source team has joined Intel to focus on building an open future for accelerated computing with oneAPI. At Intel, we will build toward a vision that will flourish at scale, serve industry professionals worldwide, and participate in the exciting oneAPI ecosystem of open source technical computing.

Details of this agreement have not been made public. Intel didn’t say they had acquired ArrayFire outright though both announcements cite that “the team” has joined Intel. Intel’s announcement also confirmed that John Melonakos, CEO and co-founder of ArrayFire, is now at Intel. Based on ArrayFire’s announcement, it looks like their consulting and training services will go their own way.

Intel’s oneAPI work has been extremely promising, as well as their open source projects over the years. It will be very interesting to see how it all pans out with their very exciting additions to the software talent pool this year, from Codeplay to ArrayFire.


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