Intel hands ‘blank cheque’ to CTO Ann Kelleher, hoping she can turn around


Ann Kelleher, head of technology development, says Intel’s “blank check” for technology development demonstrates its commitment to regaining its innovative edge: “Who’s going to argue with being told you have unlimited resources? And it’s being said in public. No one will argue with that. It’s very empowering for my organization. (Beth Nakamura/The Oregonian)

As Intel pulls itself out of years of technological malaise, it’s promised that the next four generations of microprocessors, still in the lab, will put the company back on the cutting edge of technology.

CEO Pat Gelsinger promised Intel’s chips would again be the most advanced in the industry by 2025, and in doing so, he gave the company’s engineers and scientists a sense of purpose after years of retirement.

Ann Kelleher

Job: Intel Executive Vice President, Head of Technology Development

Education: Three degrees from University College Cork, including a doctorate. in electrical engineering

Career: Joined Intel in 1996 as a process engineer; went on to manage factories in Ireland, New Mexico and Arizona before taking over the management of the company’s entire manufacturing group; appointed Head of Technology Development in 2020.

Age: 57


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