Intel unveils games that will support its XeSS upscaling technology


Many studios will support Intel’s next XeSS as soon as it is released, and the company is now announcing which games will be compatible with it.

A screenshot from Death Stranding showing the protagonist Sam holding a baby in a jar.

Image upscaling is an important part of video game technology, especially for triple AAA versions. While Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling, or DLSS, is pretty much the leader right now, AMD has a worthy competitor with its own Fidelity FX Super Resolution, or FSR. In order to follow the other two, Intelligence will also launch its own scaling software alongside its upcoming Arc graphics cards. With that, the chipmaker recently announced which games will be compatible with its XeSS, or Xe Super Sampling, AI.


In a recent Twitter post, Intel enthusiastically mentioned that a number of large versions will support its scaling technology. Since the tweet comes with an image from Kojima Productions Death stranding, this obviously suggests that this will be one of the named titles. The link in the post leads to the company’s website, which features more games, with a few well-known releases, and no doubt more to follow.

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As well as the above Death stranding, IO Interactive Hitman 3 will also support XeSS. It might not come as a huge surprise to those who have followed Intel’s progress, since the software was already demonstrated in the stealth game a few months ago. Other games include Fault breaker, Grid captions and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. There are currently only a handful that appear on the full list, but, as mentioned above, it’s entirely possible that there are more to come later.

Intel is currently preparing to launch its own line of discrete graphics cards this year. Although the Q1 2022 window for Arc Alchemist may have been missed, it is still expected that “team blue” will launch its first line of GPU products soon. Benchmark tests show that desktop cards may be able to compete with the Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti, although there is speculation that Intel will not aim to compete with high-end GPUs from the start.

On top of that, Intel recently announced its i9 12900KS processor at CES 2022. It looks like it will be a busy year for the California conglomerate. With a multitude of hardware on the horizon and the company pushing its XeSS scaling technology, it’s entirely possible that Intelligence may take on AMD and Nvidia in the graphics card world, but it all depends on how easily consumers can get hold of products in these uncertain times.

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