June UN Peacekeeping Technology Symposium in Pretoria on track


About 250 delegates are expected to attend the Sixth International Symposium of the United Nations Partnership for Technology in Peacekeeping in June in Pretoria.

The June 21-24 event will take place at the CSIR International Convention Center in Pretoria, under a United Nations peacekeeping technology initiative established in 2014. Its aim is to bring greater involvement in peacekeeping through innovative approaches and technologies that can strengthen UN global operations. The initiative is now managed by the United Nations Department of Operational Support (DOS) and the Operations Support Division (OSD) of the Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT).

The initiative offers UN Member States the opportunity to establish a new type of relationship with OSD, OICT and DOS, beyond traditional troop, police and funding contributions, a relationship that aligns the world’s technological and innovative capabilities with the specific needs of the UN’s field technology sections. field and peacekeeping missions.

The international symposium is at the heart of the initiative and is the only field technology information sharing conference for the peacekeeping community.

The conference provides a platform for a high-level technology think tank committed to identifying strategic challenges in peace operations and initiating partnership projects that can have a rapid impact on peacekeeping through real and effective solutions.

The forum has proven to be fertile ground for knowledge sharing, brainstorming, synchronized efforts, developing new partnerships, and real-world, real-world projects. An early success and ongoing initiative of the Partnership for Technology in Peacekeeping is the United Nations C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) Peace Operations Academy.

During the event, delegates will meet with senior leaders from UN peacekeeping missions, the Global Service Center and UN Headquarters to learn about the current state of technology operations on the field, its future and specific areas of contribution and collaboration, according to Dalibor Petrovic of OICT OSD.

The event is at the ministerial level and the UN delegation will be led by the Assistant Secretary General of the Department of Operational Support. The level of participation expected from Member States is at the level of senior managers, directors, heads of departments, deans, provosts, senior military and police officers.

“From the UN, uniformed and plainclothes leaders, senior managers and subject matter experts from field missions should attend, as well as relevant staff from UN Headquarters and the Global Service Center. Academia is also expected,” he told defenseWeb.

The Department of Defense (DoD), SA Aerospace, Maritime and Defense Industries Association (AMD), and Armscor are hosting an exhibit alongside the symposium. South African companies are invited to occupy exhibition stands and showcase their capabilities at the United Nations High Level Meeting.

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