MetalFX is Apple’s version of Game Upscaling technology


With the M2 processors, Apple is taking gaming on Macs and iPads more seriously. Upscaling technology similar to NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling and AMD’s FidelityFX super resolution was showcased at WWDC.

About Scaling Technology

MetalFX Upscaling will be supported in Metal 3. Smaller, less compute-intensive images will be rendered by your Mac. Images will be scaled and temporal anti-aliasing will be applied by MetalFX. The goal is to provide better and more efficient gaming performance with higher frame rates than pure hardware rendering could provide.

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The technology will roll out when Resident Evil Village appears on Mac. The game will run well at 1080p on a MacBook Air and 4K on a Mac Studio, according to Capcom. MetalFX scaling will be included in No Man’s Sky when it launches on Mac and iPad later this year. Grid Legends will also be available for Mac.

Apple and MetalFX


Apple also unveiled a fast resource loading API, similar to Microsoft’s DirectStorage technology, which aims to reduce loading time. It works by directing game data from storage to the processor more directly. Apple says we can easily access the high-quality graphics and geometry needed to build huge landscapes for realistic and immersive games.

MetalFX is Apple's version of Game Upscaling technology
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While Apple hasn’t always been great at supporting games, for example, there’s no native iOS app support for Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming. The addition of MetalFX scaling, on the other hand, is a welcome step.

Incorporating big-name developers and publishers like Capcom, EA, and Hello Games could help turn the tide for Mac as a viable gaming platform. Broader support for Steam games, on the other hand, would be a significant step forward.

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