Micro Center apologizes for insulting AMD graphics cards


WTF ?! In an article explaining how to choose a graphics card, Micro Center said that AMD’s products needed “modification or regular maintenance to keep performing as intended,” while Nvidia’s products were “plug and play.” . The CEO of Micro Center has since apologized.

It’s reasonable to back one team over another, but Micro Center hasn’t just shown a preference for Nvidia, it’s flat out lied about the quality of AMD graphics cards.

Here is the offending part of the original message, immortalized in tweet form.

Generally, AMD graphics cards are more affordable, but may require modifications or regular maintenance to continue to perform as intended. On the flip side, Nvidia graphics cards work a lot like video game consoles and basically work in a plug and play fashion.

The ease of use and stability of Nvidia GPUs have made them the most popular choice among gamers and streamers. Nvidia cards also support ray tracing and DLSS, which work together to provide gamers with the highest quality graphics possible without sacrificing frame rates.

AMD graphics cards are just as easy to use as those from Nvidia. They both require the same amount of driver maintenance and also benefit from the meal and cleaning every year or two. Both qualify as plug (tighten a screw!) And game. And while Nvidia’s cards benefit from ray tracing and DLSS, AMD’s cards have similar characteristics, as described by the president and chief executive officer. Micro Center management Rick Mershad apologized.

Incorrect information regarding AMD graphics cards has been inadvertently posted on our website.

This was posted without properly verifying the information it contains, and we deeply apologize for the error. AMD graphics cards deliver premium performance including ray tracing and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) for maximum visual performance, along with easy, maintenance-free installation beyond standard driver updates .

He goes on to promise to better monitor the publications of the Micro Center. To their credit, researching the Micro Center website for graphics cards yields a reasonable mix of AMD and Nvidia, all of which are also overpriced and unavailable.

We’re pretty sure the post was written by a lone Nvidia fanboy without approval. At the very least, the post’s poor grammar indicates that it was not reviewed by anyone at a high level.

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