Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting ready for DLSS and FSR

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is not only one of Microsoft’s most successful launches in the video game sectoralso, and this is evident when checking the evolution it has followed since its launch, is also the apple of its eye, thus recovering a privileged position that has accompanied the dean of flight simulators for many years in its origins, until Suddenly, those of Redmond decided that their life cycle was over.

This, on the other hand, is perfectly understandable. Since its arrival in August 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator has started to add outstanding reviews, has become a catalyst for Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, and its technical and graphical complexity has made it the new benchmark in demand for gaming systems. more advanced. In these almost two years, moreover, the updates have only improved a title that, already at its launch, was more than remarkable.

However, his requirement in the technical section is something that caused problems for users who had computers with limited performance, to the point that at the beginning, a lot of people found themselves wanting to play it but without the possibility of doing so. Aware of this problem, the fifth update of Microsoft Flight Simulator has significantly improved performance. In my personal case, the change has been spectacular, and since then I have been able to play it with much more fluidity.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting ready for DLSS and FSR

However, there was still room for improvement, and according to the developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator during a question and answer session that took place on Twitch, later uploaded to YouTube, further improvement in this regard is at hand. to come. And it is that Asobo has worked with NVIDIA and AMD in order to make the game compatible with NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR technologies. And, if all goes well, we won’t have to wait long, according to his statements:

The good news is that the Microsoft Flight Simulator team works directly with both manufacturers, so NVIDIA and AMD are working with us to help us have the best implementation of their systems. For DLSS we still have some artifacts, some issues with some animated textures and water surfaces, but we are working with NVIDIA to fix them. For Update 10 we will have a large DLSS implementation.

On the AMD side, we are also working with them. They actually visited us yesterday, so it was great to have them. We’re also hoping to bring FSR to Microsoft Flight Simulator with Update 10 and I think it’s safe to say that we’ve started work on FSR 2.0 as well, so that would be included as well. Maybe at the same time for update 10 is a little early, but it should happen soon.

In case you were wondering, Microsoft Flight Simulator update 10 is scheduled for Julywhich offers a reasonable window of time for the developers to iron out the issues they mentioned during the session, and thus come into the summer with a version of the game which is already capable of taking advantage of both manufacturers’ resampling technologies, something that allows you to take advantage of the potential of the hardware of the systems even more and, thus, to enjoy an even better gaming experience.


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