MTS Software System Design Ing. Vacancy at AMD


MTS Software System Design Ing. Vacancy at AMD


AMD is hiring an experienced MTS Software Systems Design Engineer. at their Bangalore location. The successful candidate for this position will interact with software and hardware technologists working in many locations. This is a great opportunity to work with a team with a reputation for delivering industry-leading solutions.

The complete details of this work are as follows:-

Roles and responsibilities:

The ideal candidate must be able to:

Solving problems on several software layers (user space, kernel, applications, libraries) and hardware.

Optimization/development of the CPU performance stack (applications, libraries) for AMD server processors and workstations on Windows platform.

Analyze and resolve performance and scalability bottlenecks when code runs on multi-core and multi-node deployments.

Innovate and publish articles, patents and attend technical conferences to advance AMD technologies.

Continuously learn and evolve as the X86 server CPU architecture and application landscape evolves.


Very strong data structure and algorithmic skills.

Experience identifying performance bottlenecks and designing/implementing optimizations to relieve the analyzed bottlenecks.

Strong internal Windows skills with experience developing software using C/C++ and debugging skills on multi-core systems (preferably with OpenMP).

Experience in performance analysis for data center applications, HPC (High Performance Computing), MPI (Message Passing Interface).

Experience with x86 (or other architecture based) optimizations.

Experience in Windows development environment like Visual Studio with MSVC/Clang/LLVM compilers, batch scripts, CMake.

Understanding of cache subsystem, instruction set architecture, pipeline (for any processor).

Additional skills: experience with Intel MKL libraries, linear algebra, FFT, programming in x86 assembly (vector/SIMD), porting source code from Linux to Windows, development on Windows servers

Experience with system-level programming using WIN32 APIs.

Knowledge of one or more CPU profiling tools (preferably on Windows).

Graduate degree/Masters degree in Computer Science or related field

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