New Relic of Life ray tracing benchmark software released for free – see system requirements


Benchmarking is an essential part of gaming PCs. It’s how companies like Nvidia and AMD quantify the power of their new graphics cards. A new benchmark program from Finnish studio Basemark is all about testing your ray tracing abilities.

It’s called Relic of Life and it’s totally free to download. Windows 10/11, Ubuntu and Linux Flatpak versions are available on the Basemark website. Relic of Life is intended for any device that uses ray tracing and meets the system requirements (listed at the bottom of this article), including mobile devices to consoles, but if you grab the free version you’ll probably be done Use it to test your PC gaming rig. Note that the free version requires you to be connected online and will automatically share your scores on Basemark’s Powerboard page – that’s the tradeoff for getting it at no cost.

Relic of Life will test your system with an array of technical features: ray-traced reflections with multiple bounces, ray-traced global illumination, physics-based rendering, ground-truth ambient occlusion, temporal anti-aliasing, volumetric illumination, and animations of bones and vertices. If all the technical talk isn’t your thing, then you can at least watch the little robots running around in a techno-organic world.

Image via Basemark

System Requirements For Relic of Life

  • Graphics card with ray tracing support
  • Graphics driver with DXR or Vulkan ray tracing support
  • Windows 10, Windows 11 or Linux operating system
  • Processor using x86_64 architecture
  • 12 GB RAM
  • 6 GB of video RAM

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