Next-gen Nvidia and AMD graphics cards are about to be released


Two new filings with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) have revealed that next-gen Nvidia and AMD graphics cards will most likely be launched soon. These include rumors RTX-4090 and RTX4090Ti models.

According to documents reported by Digital trends not only the Nvidia Lovelace RTX 40 Series listed in many variations, but there are also more listings for the Series 30, especially the RTX 30 Super series. Meanwhile, AMD RX 7000 variants are also listed on their own page.

The EEC is a trademark registry that often reliably reveals product details, but that said, there’s still no guarantee that these models will all make it to market. At the very least, we know that these brands indicate that the manufacturers are developing these products or hedging their bets and securing the brands in case they want to to post one at a later date.

The recording comes from the manufacturer Afox, which is a subsidiary of Foxconn based in Taiwan.

Analysis: What does this mean for Team Red?

These AMD and Nvidia graphics cards debuting on the EEC usually show a fast approaching release date, which is the release date announced in October for the NTX 4090.

Additionally, the fact that the AMD and Nvidia graphics cards were registered at the same time most likely means that they will launch around the same time in October as well. This would be excellent news for buyers since the market would be particularly competitive and could bring prices down.

Considering that for its last graphics card launch, AMD fell behind Nvidia by launching months later, this might have contributed to it taking a much smaller market share from this generation. So it’s honestly taken for granted that this time around the tech giant would want to avoid a late launch at all costs.


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