Nobody Saves the World is now available on Steam and Xbox


DrinkBox Studios has finally released its highly anticipated action RPG game, Nobody Saves the World on Xbox and Windows PC systems via Steam. The title comes from the creators of the popular platform game, Guacamelee!, and features a shapeshifting mechanic.

The premise is that players take control of a pristine character named Nobody and head out into the open world to complete quests. Equipped with a magic wand, he can transform into over 15 varied forms, ranging from wizards, ghosts, dragons and an egg that leaves a trail of slime behind.

Each form has a unique set of abilities that aid Nobody in battle as he roams hostile areas, dungeons, castles, and more in an effort to save the waking world from an ancient calamity. The shapeshifting powers are also useful during puzzles, allowing you to transform into a turtle to cross bodies of water. Skills of different forms can also be combined to deal devastating damage to enemies.

There is also an upgrade system, where completing quests and challenges grants XP and Star, an in-game currency that can be used to unlock legendary dungeons for loot and new boss fights, enemies and hidden treasure chests. Merchants that sell unique power-up items and lots of interactive characters also take up a good chunk of the world. Since each location is procedurally generated, it offers new experiences and great replay value every time.

The game also features an online co-op mode, where players can team up with their friends to facilitate battles. A New Game+ mode is also included, allowing you to revisit enemies subject to higher levels and new moves.

According to Steam, Nobody Saves the World is not supported by Intel’s integrated graphics. An AMD APU (accelerated processing unit) or any discrete graphics card would do. The game is currently available with a 10% discount on Steam, at Rs 512.


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