Nvidia officially supports Deathloop for its Reflex Technology software

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Finally, the PC version of Deathloop will benefit from support for Nvidia’s Reflex software technology. This information has been officially confirmed by the graphic designer himself.

According to Nvidia, the Reflex will benefit Deathloop’s single player experience, as the software technology will reduce system latency by up to 40%. This technology will help the game by reducing the time it takes for your computer to process input.


For those who don’t know, Nvidia’s Reflex is a toolkit that measures and reduces system latency. This technology is very different from other company technologies such as DLSS, Reflex does not require an RTX graphics card and supports older Nvidia cards, starting with the GTX 900 series or newer.


Nvidia made its Reflex last year, and over 20 games currently support the new software technology. Games that support it include Fortnite, Destiny 2, Splitgate, and the upcoming Battlefield 2042.

The most interesting thing about the Nvidea Reflex is that this technology is most often implemented in competitive games. However, Deathloop is not a competitive game like the others on the list, the game includes an invasion mechanic. The game includes a PvP multiplayer feature, which allows players to have their session invaded by another player controlling Juliana or join another session controlling the character.

The sad part is that even though Deathloop now supports Nvidia’s Reflex technology, the game still does not support Nvidia’s DLSS. The game supports FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), however, AMD’s upsampling technology was released last June.

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