Radeon Pro software for Enterprise 21.Q3 is available for Linux


AMD today released its quarterly update to the Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise graphics driver package, which also includes an updated Linux version.

Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 21.Q3 is their latest Linux driver package aimed at providing the latest driver support for their workstation GPUs / accelerators on RHEL / CentOS 7 and 8, Ubuntu 20.04.2, Ubuntu 18.04. 5 and SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3.

As usual, the Linux release notes for the packaged AMD driver remain quite sparse and incomplete. The only items mentioned in terms of changes are the resolution of issues for 2nd / 3rd monitors connected via DisplayPort MST that were not recognized before and an issue launching X Window on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

With this new version of driver 21.Q3, they note that for their support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, they only support Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS with Linux kernel 5.8. If you upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS with its 5.11 Linux kernel from Ubuntu 21.04, this is not yet supported. Anyone using the newer kernel will need to downgrade to Linux 5.8 for proper support for enterprise drivers.

Aside from the slight changes listed in the release notes, Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 21.Q3 is surely built from a newer snapshot of its open source and closed components, although specific / modified versions are not listed.

Linux version Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 21.Q3 can be downloaded from AMD.com.

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