Rising prices for Nvidia and AMD graphics cards are getting out of hand


You may have noticed a global shortage of semiconductors and it is almost difficult to locate PC graphics cards in particular. The situation has steadily deteriorated so that some GPUs are worth three times their MSRP.

Above, the $ 499 Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 and the $ 579 AMD Radeon RX 6800 is a screenshot of two graphics cards! We determined that in December the actual road prices of the cards were respectively $ 819 and $ 841 or $ 1,660 for a pair.

Last week, according to The Verge, they were running PS5, Xbox Series X, and each of the latest Nvidia and AMD graphics cards through an eBay scratch tool in an open source environment, which helped me figure out how much it’s worth on average over. a seven day period (greater than Michael Driscoll).

TL; DR: While the PS5 and Xboxes really cool down a bit, for a new AMD or Nvidia GPU you’re paying double or even triple.

Item Retail price Street Award (Dec 2020) Street price (March 2021) Current value
Nvidia RTX 3090 $ 1,499 $ 2,076 $ 2,985 1.99x
Nvidia RTX 3080 $ 699 $ 1,227 $ 2,160 3.09x
Nvidia RTX 3070 $ 499 $ 819 $ 1,239 2.48x
Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti $ 399 $ 675 $ 1,226 3.07x
Nvidia RTX 3060 $ 329 N / A $ 828 2.5x
AMD RX 6900XT $ 999 did not check $ 1,841 1.84x
AMD RX 6800 XT $ 649 $ 1,232 $ 1,555 2.4x
AMD RX 6800 $ 579 $ 841 $ 1,331 2.3x
AMD RX 6700 XT $ 479 N / A $ 1,169 2.4x
PS5 (disc) $ 499 $ 1,024 $ 833 1.66x
PS5 (digital) $ 399 $ 990 $ 754 1.88x
Xbox x series $ 499 $ 835 $ 805 1.61x
Xbox s series $ 299 $ 471 $ 432 1.45x

Frankly, they don’t know what the most amazing numbers are here. Is the RTX $ 329 RTX 3060 on average over $ 800, or is it worth $ 900 more than it was three months earlier, each with its RTX 3090 and 3080? Or even 3060 Ti, which after months of struggle people have managed to nibble at at its retail price of $ 399, could now be sold for $ 1200?

They took a look at how many of these products are currently traded on eBay, which will give you an understanding of how weak the supply and demand equation is. For example, eBay moved 5,284 PS5 consoles over a 7 day period, yet many of the listed PS5s did not sell. Scalping the PS5 is getting less lucrative, eBay is overwhelmed and things are slowing down.

However, it is the same on the PC GPU line. Each individual GPU seems to sell for less than it far exceeds the average retail price and few of them are worth browsing – only 83 of Nvidia’s RX 6800s and RTX 3060 Ti’s AMD 141 have changed. hands as far as I know over the same seven day period. There is nothing here to indicate that scalping slows down in the short term.

It doesn’t help that the actual sale rates of these graphics cards are still moving north. The GPUs I currently see briefly on sale at Amazon’s Best Buy and Newegg around the world, whether they are a response to Trump tariffs or a cheeky effort to get a share of the stock, are still far above the prices AMD is offering. and Nvidia. like an RTX 3070 $ 840 or a $ 6800 RX 800. The total price of the RTX 3060 listing was $ 329.99 on start day was $ 471. And while Newegg’s rubble was initially a probably fair way to pay retail, it’s now almost a travesty.

And then, it’s hard to surprise as MSI and Newegg try to squeeze a few hundred dollars out of their video card which you’ll buy $ 540 for a scalped sum of $ 830.

As usual, the problem is whether AMD and Nvidia will be making more than a trickle of new graphics cards to meet this pent-up demand, and I’m afraid the tea leaves may not really look good. AMD hasn’t made a noticeable dent so far with its promise to make “more big GPUs” and constantly update its inventory on its own website. While Nvidia previously warned that things would have to be reversed in late April, Digitimes is now telling graphics card industry sources that Nvidia’s 30-series GPUs will remain unsatisfied by Q3 2021.


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