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At a recent Exynos chip event, Samsung announced plans to integrate an AMD GPU into a future flagship.

Spotted by Android Police, the tease came at the end of Samsung’s Exynos 2100 announcement, where the company mentioned that its “next flagship” would sport the AMD GPU. Unfortunately, it’s not entirely clear what that means, especially since its upcoming flagship, the much-talked-about Galaxy S21 series, won’t include AMD graphics, at least rumored to be.

However, a ice universe leak suggests that Samsung will introduce a new Exynos processor with an AMD GPU later this year. The company will potentially use it in the Galaxy Z Fold3.

For a bit of background, Samsung partnered with AMD in 2019. The partnership aimed to bring AMD’s Radeon graphics technology to smartphones. Based on the announcement of the Exynos 2100, it looks like the partnership may soon pay off.

Yet it’s still unclear what benefit – if any – this will bring to customers. First, AMD’s graphics technology is likely to be powerful, but the company hasn’t done much in the mobile space in quite some time. Whether AMD’s mobile graphics will fail or compete against other players is a major question that will need to be answered.

The other question concerns availability. Samsung has historically launched flagships powered by Exynos in some regions, while other regions – like Canada – are getting variants powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips. The same could happen with this future chipset, although Samsung may choose to use Exynos for each model.

Ultimately, we might see a Galaxy Z Fold 3 launch later this year with powerful AMD graphics technology, making it a force in the mobile gaming space and potentially a must-have device for people who enjoy gaming. on their phone.

Source: Samsung, Ice universe Via: Police Android


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