Samsung is developing a second-generation SmartSSD with AMD-Xilinx technology


July 21, 2022 — Samsung Electronics today announced that it has successfully developed a second generation of its pioneering SmartSSD.

The new proprietary computing storage packs data processing functionality into a high-performance SSD. Unlike existing SSDs, Samsung’s SmartSSD can process data directly, minimizing data transfers between CPU, GPU, and RAM. This technology can avoid the bottlenecks that often occur when moving data between storage devices and processors, resulting in significantly improved system performance and much higher power efficiency.

SmartSSD is playing an increasingly important role, especially with the growth of next-generation technologies such as AI, machine learning, and 5G/6G, which require large amounts of data processing.

Leveraging customer-developed software and intellectual property (IP), as well as built-in Arm cores, Samsung’s second-generation SmartSSD enables much more efficient data processing. Compared to conventional data center solid-state drives, processing time for analysis-heavy database queries can be reduced by more than 50%, power consumption by up to 70%, and CPU utilization up to 97%.

Since its development in 2020 through the joint efforts of Samsung and AMD, the first-generation SmartSSD has been supplied to global IT enterprises, including video communication platform vendors. The first-generation SmartSSD won the Innovation Awards at CES 2021 for its outstanding performance and power efficiency.

“The release of the first-generation SmartSSD, together with AMD, has established that the computing storage market has great potential,” said Jin-Hyeok Choi, executive vice president and head of memory product and solution development. at Samsung Electronics. “With the enhanced processing functionality of the second-generation SmartSSD, Samsung will be able to easily meet the growing needs of customers in the database and video transcoding industries as we push the boundaries of the new storage market. generation.”

“Powered by AMD’s Xilinx Versal adaptive SoCs, Samsung’s second-generation SmartSSDs help improve processor efficiency and dramatically reduce power consumption by effectively integrating compute and storage functions into data centers. data,” said Sina Soltani, Vice President of Sales, CETA, Data Center and Communications Group at AMD. “As data-intensive applications continue to grow, Samsung’s second-generation SmartSSDs will deliver the superior performance and efficiency required for this growing market.”

Samsung Electronics is leading efforts to standardize SmartSSD technology through close collaboration with the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and NVM Express, while seeking to push the boundaries of SmartSSD devices through technology validation for a wide variety of devices. ‘apps.

Source: Samsung


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