Samsung postpones the Exynos 2200 with AMD graphics


After a rather long and painful wait late last year, Samsung announced that it was ready to report on the work done and present a proprietary chip with AMD graphics. The release date has been specified as January 11. Today, we would finally know if Samsung was able to create a worthy competitor to Qualcomm’s or Apple’s flagship processors, or not.

But unexpectedly, a few days before the premiere, Samsung removed from social networks mention of the upcoming release of Exynos 2000. It’s quite strange, but the company itself remains silent and has not yet made any statement on the prospects for the next outing. But it looks like the new chip is flawed and needs improvement; Samsung, which has been developing it for a few years, must therefore postpone the release of the Exynos 2200.

Samsung postpones the Exynos 2200 with AMD graphics

This was confirmed on his Twitter page by an Ice Universe insider. According to him, Samsung has decided to cancel today’s Exynos 2200 launch presentation, postponing it indefinitely. And it’s not the only processor that won’t launch in time. According to the source, the presentation of the Exynos 1200 was scheduled for November, but the processor was finally canceled. Recall that rumors were circulating on the network that the Exynos 1200 would form the basis of the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy M33.

There seem to be very good reasons for Samsung to make the desperate decision to postpone announcing new chips. Ice Universe suggested that some processes take place within the division responsible for creating the chipsets; but they can hardly be called positive.

Incidentally, Ice Universe responded rather negatively about the Exynos 2200; offering to lower the degree of expectations and said that in terms of performance, the new product would not impress. He also stated that there were heat dissipation issues; and the developers were unable to achieve the predetermined frequencies for RDNA2 graphics.

It can be predicted that Exynos 2200 still has no advantages. Previously, we thought AMD GPU would keep its GPU absolutely top of mind. Now it can still be inferior to Snapdragon, and there will be no CPU gap. It is difficult for Exynos to get out of the dilemma. And I heard more surprising news. The GPU of the next generation Snapdragon processor (8 Gen2): Adreno 740 will be significantly better; which means that Exynos 2300 still faces serious challenges even though it uses mRDNA3 GPU.


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