Steam Hardware & Software survey results in July 2021: Windows 7 holds up


July 2021 Steam Hardware and Software Survey the results are there, and they’re … well, they’re not overwhelming. In fact, they are more or less a continuation of the trends that we have seen forming in the previous months. For example: the enjoyment of Windows 7 (64-bit) controlling 4.88% of the operating system makeup of the Steam ecosystem in June continued at a steady pace in July, with the great W7 (still 64 bits) now powering 5.48% of computers. owned and operated by Steam-friendly gaming geeks.

Other persistent trends include NVIDIA absolutely wiping out AMD in the GPU market share industry, which should come as no surprise given that it has been so for a long, long time and nothing major has happened. product to disrupt the status quo when it comes to the best graphics cards. .

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AMD was also unable to regain its CPU numbers as of May, where it briefly held more than 30% control over the CPU makeup of the Steam user base. Although the July results show AMD gradually moving up to the 30% line, it’s still not there, which means more than seven in ten gamers are using Intel and the Red team can’t do anything. do it.

VR stats also continue their similar monthly trends, with the total number of Steam users with VR headsets surging to 2.07%, a 0.21% increase from last month. In a shocking upheaval, Steam users using Sony PlayStation VR units fell 0.03%, bringing the total number of Steamers using a PSVR headset to 0.16%, a number that exceeds 0.12% of the Pimax 8K. and 0.08% of the HTC Vive Elite. market share in July 2021.

Maybe next month will have spicier results. For now, the July 2021 measures keep things relatively normal.

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