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In news that manages to be both startling and terrifying, researchers at MIT have found that drivers pay less attention to the road when Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” software is activated.

According to the study published in Analysis and prevention of accidents, “Visual behaviors change before and after” the drivers activate the automatic piloting software of the electric car.

Specifically, the study found that drivers did not look at the windshield as much, noting that “non-driving glances to the lower / middle areas of the stack were the most common and the longest. “, with almost a quarter (22 percent) of those stares lasting more than two seconds.

The “lower / middle stack areas” would be around where Tesla decided to install an upgraded infotainment system in their vehicles, which had a fairly large screen and an AMD chip, presumably for you. can play. The Witcher 3 by detonating the 401.

This is something important given that, despite its ambitious name, Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” software is not really fully autonomous driving software.

Rather, it is an automated driving assistant, like TechCrunch and Committed both drives recalled, like cruise control or self-parking proximity sensors.

This means that even with the autopilot software enabled, drivers should still keep their hands on the wheel and, most importantly, pay attention to the road.

Fortunately for Canada, Tesla began beta testing its autopilot software in vehicles owned by Canadians in mid-September.

The ethics of beta-testing an unattended “autonomous” car on public roads, using regular drivers who are apparently scientifically proven to be less attentive behind the wheel than usual when the software is on, is a whole different conversation. .

We very much hope that the recent update rolled out to select Tesla vehicles, which appears to have improved the car’s on-screen visuals and road handling, will be enough to prevent any major accidents or injuries in Canada.

Source: TechCrunch, Committed, MIT

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