Twitter could allow statuses to be linked to messages


Twitter is working on a similar feature to the existing one for adding “feelings” to Facebook posts or establishing statuses in old Instagram feeds.

Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong shared on her Twitter profile the new function codenamed “Vibe”, through which it will be possible to establish an individual status in each tweet or at the profile level, in which case it would be displayed both in the profile and in each of the tweets that are keep posting from the same account.

His capture shows a total of five states, it is not known at the moment if he will be limited to choosing one of the available options, or if there will also be the possibility of adding custom states.

If the second case arises, it would also be interesting to know if the company of the blue bird would also offer a moderation system to avoid states of bad taste which in some cases could even become conflicting.

Strengthen conversations

Ideally, a state tuning system with sufficiently broad default options would be ideal. As in other cases, it is possible that Twitter will retract at some point along the way and leave the development of this project parked.

The truth is The company has not commented on the issue, so the exact plans for the new feature and new way of working are unknown once they are made public to all users.

Analyzing the situation a bit, this feature would add some context to the posts in Twitterbeing one more sign to understand what is currently being talked about within the social platform.

We will therefore have to wait and see how the new function will evolve and find out if it will finally move forward and how to continue to have healthy conversations, without the new function being hijacked.

Image credit: Jane Manchung Wong


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