[VIDEO] Enscape launches new real-time rendering software


Enscape, a leading provider of real-time visualization, 3D rendering and virtual reality technologies for the AEC industry, announced the release of real-time rendering software, Enscape 3.4

With the release of Enscape 3.4, architects and designers can now take advantage of numerous feature updates to the real-time rendering software, making it even easier to turn their models into immersive 3D experiences.

New categories and design elements have been added

Categories for the custom resource library have been added to provide a better way to manage resources, making sorting and filtering much easier and eliminating the need to scroll through the entire library.

Designers can organize their imported assets and create their own categories. The newly created structure will be visible to all users who share libraries.

It is now possible to “save sun position” in Enscape views, using natural sunlight to highlight special design elements.

Cursor control and input fields are provided to quickly replicate specific sun positions for other views.

Architects and designers can now make other changes to existing views, such as adjusting camera and sun position.

It is no longer necessary to create a new view for each change in camera angle or natural lighting for any previously created view. For Revit users, the camera position and zoom are always taken from the Revit view. For Vectorworks users, this feature will be available soon.

210 new interior assets have been added, including accessories, appliances, and objects for many interior spaces, as well as the addition of 52 new interior materials, including wallpaper, wood, tile, and stucco.

Reflections have been improved and updated

Reflections have also been further improved, providing more realistic mirrored reflections, which positively impacts the overall overall illumination of scenes.

There is now increased texture quality of materials in reflections, and all reflected materials now benefit from full-resolution texture maps starting with the “High” quality level.

Improved reflections will be noticeable in stills and during real-time walkthroughs for users with a graphics card that supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing (NVIDIA RTX or AMD 6xxx series). At this time, the appearance of highlights will not change in motion videos.

Other new features include:

  • Archicad 26 support
  • Chinese language support (simplified)

Try Enscape 3.4 for free.


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